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Fertilizer Fertility Program

Broad Acre (Cereal)

Vicmill Natural Fertilizers manufactures a range of standard granular and fine biological Humate based fertilizers; revolutionary, complex yet simple for the broad acre farmer to apply under any tillage conditions.

With the climate change comes a greater urgency for more efficient utilisation of nutrient, improvement of soil biology, increases in microbial populations all relevant to humus in your soil and maximizing moisture retention with uncertain rainfall makes more than environmental sense, it secures economic viability.

Broad Acre Cereal

Dairy (Pasture)

Dairy (Pasture) Dairy (Pasture)

Environmental and economic changes have dramatically altered our perception of pasture and how it should be best utilised.

Less water and heavy stocking, genetically modified feed and higher applications of synthetically derived fertilisers are all contributing factors to lowering fertility in stock. Poor germination effectiveness and critically low soil biology due to poor humus.

Vicmill Natural Fertilizers Humate technology reverses the degradation of synthetic chemical residues, improves vitality and friability of the soil structure while promoting microbiology, sustainably stimulating your pasture to produce more amino acids, protein formation and the production of enzymes and vitamins encouraging more vigorous growth.


Vicmill Natural Fertilizers are well suited to the turf industry included golf courses (greens, fairways and surrounds) recreation grounds, parks and lawns.

Formulated to 6mm or less using the highest grade natural raw materials and completely soluble with no chemical additives, these fertilizers have been specifically designed to release measured amounts of major and minor elements to stimulate vitality in soil conditions ranging from sand to clay.

Suitable minerals assist not only in changing the soils profile but also enhance root development, root translocation of nutrients and improved moisture retention properties.

Benefits of Humate granular fertilizers allow course super intendents to delete costly time consuming side dressings of Calcium, Magnesium and Mineral Gypsum while Humates provide a natural alternative to conventional wetting agents with proven moisture retention characteristics.


The slow releasing properties of these fertilizers, while accentuating longevity of major and minor elements released, also have a decontamination aspect.

Contamination has become synonymous with the turf industry wether due to salts, sodium or chloride compounded by alternative water programs or significant levels of heavy metals such as lead, cadnium, arsenic or mercury derived from high analysis synthetic fertilizers which become either unavailable in its intended use of application or worse leach uncontrollably to surrounds causing poor soil biology associated with salinity.

Vicmills Humate technology reverses the effects of salt, sodium, unavailable major and minor elements as well as heavy metals by releasing humic acid from carbon sourced by improved and sustainable micro biology then in turn exposing and utilizing unavailable nutrients while neutralizing or reducing undesirable contaminates.


Most vegetables require a sustainable supply of major and minor nutrients and trace elements because they are growing and bearing produce over a 12 to 16 week period.

When growing vegetables, it is essential to develop a good root system particularly on plants and heavy vine varieties such as tomatoes, capsicum, eggplant, pumpkin & squash.

This will allow the plant to maintain an adequate supply of nutrients to the produce as it is growing, enabling it to fill out and mature properly.

Vicmill Humate fertilizers will supply a sustained release source of essential nutrients and trace elements to the plant over this period of time. Suggested rates will vary due to the biological conditions and the nutrient resources of the soil.

Sugar Cane

Changing economic and environmental farming requirements in this industry have growers questioning conventional high analysis water soluble fertilizers, to sustainably slow release natural alternatives.

Vicmill Natural Fertilizers produce a range of Humate based prescription fertilizers improving soil microbiology, mineral availability and distribution of major and minor elements.

Cane farming has the capacity over other agricultural industries to reverse the adverse effects of over cropping, erosion, salinity and leaching of unavailable essential nutrients.

Cane trash is a readily utilizable source of organic matter hosting many forms of bacteria, fungi, worms generalised as micro organisms, however for organic matter to be broken down to Humus, oxygen and Nitrogen are required for the sustainability of micro organisms and their role in the decomposition process.

Sugar Cane

Vicmill Humate Fertilizers transfer cane trash into beneficial and available forms of nutrients.

Vicmill Humate fertilizers show comparative results on volume yet noticeably higher percentages in sugar content against conventional type fertilizers due to the Humates capacity to stimulate enzymes which are proteins essential for the distribution of vital minor elements which in turn trigger plant hormones related to cell division, improved synthesis and root development allowing the cane to translocate and distribute nutrients from the soil structure to the metabolic growth functions of the plant.



Many Farmers make the mistake pushing the growth of their young trees during the first two years with large quantities of Nitrogen. This can lead to large trees with a depleted root system unable to supply the tree properly before and during the fruit bearing period with adequate reserves of nutrients.

This can create a situation where the farmer has to apply even more Nitrogen and Potassium to size and ripen his fruit which in turn can lead to poor shelf life.

Vicmills balanced Humate fertilizer program not too high in Nitrogen and supplying a broad spectrum of major and minor nutrients will give good tree growth with a vigorous root system and high quality fruit with even ripening characteristics.